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  • Lõi lọc đường ống Ingersoll rand FA1830IG
Lõi lọc đường ống Ingersoll rand FA1830IG

Lõi lọc đường ống Ingersoll rand FA1830IG

Hãng sản xuất: HANKINSON

Mã số: FA1830IG

Model máy: FA1830IG

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FA1830IG FA1830IA FA1830IH FA1830ID

FA-(G) (H) (D) (A) Series Compressed Air Line Filters


At different points of use, different compressed air purities might be needed, depending on the application. The various air purity classes are provided in the table below, which clearly shows the various Ingersoll Rand filters and dryers that meet all the different classes.

G – Series     |     0.1 ppm (Oil)  & 1 micron (Particulate) Filter rating
H – Series     |     0.01 ppm (Oil) & 0.01 micron (Particulate) Filter rating
D – Series     |     1 micron (Particulate) Filter rating
A – Series     |      0.003 ppm (Oil Vapor – Carbon) Filter rating

Optimal filtration
Ingersoll Rand FA-Series Filter Grades (G) (H) (D) (A) efficiently prevent dust, particulates and micro-organisms arising from corrosion, dirt and adsorption material from entering your compressed air stream. These innovative filtration solutions are engineered to cost-effectively provide the best air purity and meet today’s increasing quality demands.


Filter model number   Pipe size Flow rates 100psig/7 bar g
Model Grade in m3/min
FA30I A, G, H, D 3/8” 0.48 17
FA40I A, G, H, D 1/2” 0.62 22
FA75I A, G, H, D 3/4” 1.27 45
FA110I A, G, H, D 3/4” 1.84 65
FA150I A, G, H, D 1” 2.49 88
FA190I A, G, H, D 1” 3.12 110
FA230I A, G, H, D 1” 3.82 135
FA400I A, G, H, D 1.5” 6.66 235
FA490I A, G, H, D 1.5” 8.21 290
FA600I A, G, H, D 2” 9.91 350
FA800I A, G, H, D 2” 13.3 470
FA1000I A, G, H, D 2” 17 600
FA1200I A, G, H, D 3” 20.1 710
FA1560I A, G, H, D 3” 26.1 920
FA1830I A, G, H, D 3” 30.6 1080
FA2300I A, G, H, D 3” 38.2 1350
FA2700I A, G, H, D 3” 45.3 1600



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